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How it works
How it works

Message メッセージ

A chemical reaction occurs when two substances come together to form something new.

Bringing forth new products with the power to amaze the world requires a fusion between
superior original technology and design - a fusion strong enough to be called a chemical reaction.

Trinus, Latin for "triple", brings together Japanese technology, design and end users
in an open platform that offers a new realm of value.

participation 参加の流れ

  • STEP 01

    PROPOSE デザインを投稿する

    TRINUS works tirelessly to find unique technologies and materials from across Japan, and we invite designs that use these in new and unusual ways.
    Please read the application guidelines thoroughly, and submit a design you feel makes the most of each material's unique properties.

    ※For TRINUS to consider your design, please register for an account.

  • STEP 02

    RATE デザインを評価する

    Submitted designs are released to the public. You can see our catalogue of designs on the website, vote on them, and leave comments and feedback.
    TRINUS pays particular attention to vote results, and feasibility of design when selecting designs.

    ※You must sign in to browse design details, vote or to leave comments.

  • STEP 03

    TAKE to MARKET 商品化を応援する

    TRINUS will make a prototype together with the manufacturer and designer, and report the progress on our website.
    Get involved in the design process by submitting comments and casting votes on designs you want to see brought to life.

    ※You must sign-in to leave comments.

  • STEP 04

    SHOP 購入する

    Once a new TRINUS product is finished, it will be available from our online store, as well as select retail outlets.

    Receive points for your contributions to TRINUS! Cast votes or leaving comments earns points, which can be used for discounts on our online store.

Be the designer デザイナーになる

Bringing Your Ideas and Designs to Market

There are many obstacles to bringing a product to market. From finding the right manufacturer, prototype design, raising capital through to investment, logistics and sales. TRINUS simplifies this process by handling the manufacturing side of the process, allowing you to focus on creating truly innovative designs for life-changing products. Winning designers' names will feature on all marketing and sales promotions for the product.

Receive Prize Money and Royalties from Sales

Winning designs are eligible for cash prizes! Submitted designs that receive positive community feedback and are brought to market by TRINUS are eligible both for cash prizes for a winning design and/or royalties from sales of the product.
* Please refer to the application guidelines for more information about prize money and royalties.

A Forum for Collaboration: Share Ideas and Receive Feedback

Have you ever taken part in a design contest, and wanted to why you didn't win? At TRINUS, submitted designs are showcased on our website, where other community members can offer feedback and suggestions. Take advantage of the TRINUS platform to develop your design and presentation skills, build up a design portfolio, and craft a style uniquely your own.

Be the producer プロデューサーになる

Your Opinions Reflected in the Product

At TRINUS, we value everyone's opinions at each and every stage of the manufacturing process. In so doing, designer's have the opportunity to shape and influence the final product throughout both the design and manufacturing processes.

[Additional Information about Feedback]

Want it : Evaluation of Submissions

Vote for the designs you want to see brought to life. Press the "Want it" button for designs you like, or the "Skip it" button for those you don't.

Promote it : Sharing Submissions

With each additional 'Want It', the chances of your product being manufactured increase. Support the realization of your favorite designs by sharing designs you like on social media.

Alert it : Reporting Imitation Designs

At TRINUS, we aim to manufacture genuinely new and innovative products. While we take every effort to remove duplicate or copyright-infringing designs, should you feel submission resembles an existing product or design, please notify us.

Comment it : Commenting on Submissions

We encourage all community members to get involved in discussion of showcased designs as much as possible. Alongside voting with the 'Want It' and 'Skip It' buttons, please post constructive comments and suggestions for improvement wherever possible.

[Supporting Product-Development Projects]

A manufacturing project will start when TRINUS decides to accept your submission. As a producer, please post supportive comments, or suggestions for improvement on the manufacturing project's page.

Advising in Workshops or Interviews

TRINUS may sometimes invite its most active users to workshops and interviews when developing a new product; we offer rewards for participation.

Media メディア情報

  • JDN
  • 日本経済産業新聞
  • 事業構想
  • WBS ワールドビジネスサテライト
  • T-SITE
  • インテリア情報
  • isuta
  • アスキー
  • biz tech terminal
  • 日経テクノロジー
  • J-WAVE
  • tabi labo
  • 読売テレビ

Cooperation 協賛企業

  • 日経テクノロジーオンライン
    Supplier Search
  • Linkers
    Supplier Search
    Linkers Corporation
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