From the next generation brand of lacquerware "TUGI TUGI", a new line up of jewellery is born, making use of 100% natural lacquer (50% wood flour + 50% lacquer sap).
This next-generation lacquer material which has been long in the making overcomes the challenges of the modern era.
Each piece is hand made by traditional craftspeople of Aizu Wakamatsu, exhibiting lustreand details made only possible by the hand. Made from natural materials, you can rest assured that it's safe to use even on bare skin.

Inheriting 'Lacquer', the Renewable Natural Resource

Lacquer refers to a milky white sap obtained from the bark of lacquer trees.

It is said that each tree produces only 150g of sap before it runs dry and is felled. It then takes between 10 and 15 years for a new tree to grow in its place, ready for re-harvesting.


Careful management of tree planting makes lacquer a renewable resource, and it has thus been a crucial part of our lives from times of old.


However, in recent years changes in lifestyle and the proliferation of plastic products has resulted in a decrease in demand for traditional Japanese lacquerware.

People expressed their desire to continue using traditional Japanese lacquer items, which they held close to their hearts, long into the future.

To satisfy such qualms an all-new material, SUSTIMO®︎ was developed for use in TUGI TUGI.


SUSTIMO®︎ was developed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute as "a patented technology for compact molding of lacquerware products".

Wood flour from the felled lacquer tree is mixed with lacquer sap in a 1:1 ratio to produce a 100% lacquer derivedmaterial SUSTIMO. This material is compacted together using dies to create a wide range of shapes. Though its properties allow it to be molded like plastic, SUSTIMO contains no traces of crude oil derivatives. 

This is a next-generation patented technology which brings together ease of use with the longevity of lacquerware.


Have you ever heard any of the following excuses for not wanting to use lacquerware?


"Taking care of it and storing it is a hassle"

"If you don't care for it and store it properly, it scratches, deforms and stains"

"Doesn't lacquer cause skin irritation?"


With SUSTIMO®︎ there's no need to worry.

It is hardened using heat as opposed to humidity, increasing its hardness, increasing its resistance to dryness and heat and making it more scratch-resistant. Also, there's no need to worry about rashes as the lacquer is fully cured.

As a result, there's no need to apply a urethane coating to the surface, allowing you to enjoy the lustre and deep colours of bare lacquer.

A Jewellery Designer's Point of View and the Handiwork of Traditional Crafts

The person responsible for design this time around is Mr Joe Nakamura.

His concept is "deviating from standard practice", and he has produced a range of jewellery which ignores preconceptions regarding materials and manufacturing, exhibiting them both domestically and overseas. Mr Nakamura is known for designing the lapel pins worn by the representatives of each country at the 2016 G7 Ise-Shima Summit.

In this jewellery line up, he aimed to contrast the traditional lacquer material with a modern twist, for an awe-inspiring set of accessories.


He chose to incorporate SUSTIMO®︎ into his jewellery for its delicate, high-quality finish, made possible by the traditional craftspeople and artists of Aizu Wakamatsu.

About Decoration Techniques

This section covers the techniques of the lacquer artists and craftspeople of Aizu Wakamatsu.


■ Mother-of-Pearl Inlay (Raden)

Pieces of mother-of-pearl shell are laid into cured lacquerware and the shell is polished in seamlessly. As shells are a natural material, each piece is unique and thus careful attention is required to match it with the lacquerware. This fine technique can commonly be seen on larger lacquerware items.


■ Gold Inlay Lacquerware (Chinkin)

Grooves are etched into cured lacquerware, finely powdered gold is poured into the grooves and these are polished until the gold lies flush with the lacquer. Making mistakes when carving the grooves ruins the lacquer finish, requiring the piece to be re-lacquered hence, great delicacy and concentration is required for this technique.


TUGI TUGI jewel|Earrings

TUGI TUGI jewel|Brooch

TUGI TUGI jewel|Necklace

A Package Great for Gifts

The packaging incorporates contrasting colours and textures which exhibits a distinctly Japanese sense of style.

The box sets you up for some lavish unboxing therapy.

Bringing together respect for tradition, hope for the future, and the skills of crafts people. Why not experience a bit of modest luxury and embrace the beauty of traditional Japanese lacquer.

Product list

TUGI TUGI jewel |Clip-on earrings【Mother-of-Pearl Inlay (Raden)】

13,500 yen (tax excluded)

TUGI TUGI jewel |Clip-on earrings【Gold Inlay Lacquerware (Chinkin)】

12,500 yen (tax excluded)

TUGI TUGI jewel |Stud earrings【Mother-of-Pearl Inlay (Raden)】

13,500 yen (tax excluded)

TUGI TUGI jewel |Stud earrings【Gold Inlay Lacquerware (Chinkin)】

12,500 yen (tax excluded)

TUGI TUGI jewel |Necklace【Mother-of-Pearl Inlay (Raden)】

10,500 yen (tax excluded)

TUGI TUGI jewel |Necklace【Gold Inlay Lacquerware (Chinkin)】

9,500 yen (tax excluded)

TUGI TUGI jewel |Brooch【Mother-of-Pearl Inlay (Raden)】

10,500 yen (tax excluded)

TUGI TUGI jewel |Brooch【Gold Inlay Lacquerware (Chinkin)】

9,500 yen (tax excluded)

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