The moon that floats in the distant air.

On its surface, there are many craters inscribed in the years that seem to be eternal. It is a leather collection that faithfully reproduces the beautiful shades that the craters show, on a gold / silver foiled cowhide.
The texture of the delicate unevenness by the die-free embossing technology "Delitte" emits the luster that detracts from the sight while having the strength like rocky surface.

Precise transfer without mold, new embossing technology "Delitte"

Usually, to express patterns in emboss, metal molds are used, but a large investment cost and production lot are required.

However, the embossing technology “Delitte” used in PLANETARIO has its own unique feature that “it can be delicately processed without using a mold”.

This has greatly reduced the hurdles for prototyping and has made it possible to repeat trial and error to achieve a satisfactory finish.

Investigate how to express crater, try over 30 kinds of leather materials, and continue trial production for dozens of times in about 3 years.

The PLANETARIO beautifully conceived was finally completed.

Commitment to a perfect circle

Simple circular silhouette that is one of the features of PLANETARIO. Various ideas are also elaborated for this beautiful circle.

When opened, the bag turned round and the distance was so precised adjusted in millimeter so that the flap can be opened freely without feeling uncomfortable. The thickness of the shoulder straps also explored an exquisite balance so as not to impair the impression of the silhouette of the body.

Clutch bag series

When opened, it is a full moon. When the flap is folded, it will be a crescent.

The surface is pressed with glittering foil, and the back is matte black bicolor, which is an image of the moon's duality. The size of about 32 centimeters in diameter emits an outstanding presence.

We consider subdivision pocket in bag inside, convenience including magnet of flap part and transform into shoulder bag if you use the attached strap.


Colors: 2 colors (gold, silver) ※ both with a matte black back

Coin case series

Silver (silver foil), gold (gold foil), black (matte black) three different colors.


Soft, high-quality leather allows you to take things out easily, a handful size in 11-cm, round-shaped, Planetario coin cases are useful not only as a coin case but also a small accessory case to take care of your precious belongings.


Colors: silver, gold, black

Product list

Clutch Bag

35,000 yen (tax excluded)

Coin Case

10,000 yen (tax excluded)