Think of PLANT'S JEWEL as jewelry for plants: a lineup of accessories that make even a solitary flower look wonderful. Position one of these stylish devices in a vase or glass, and then thread flower stems through to complete an elegant arrangement.

Special anti-bacterial plating ensures that any water coming into contact with PLANT'S JEWEL stays clean, reducing the hassle of having to regularly change the water.

1. Transform an everyday container into a vase

Using PLANT'S JEWEL, even an ordinary container can become a vase that securely holds the stems of flowers and plants. The design makes it simple to make the most of cut flowers. PLANT’s JEWEL can be used with everyday containers such as bowls and wineglasses for a unique visual impact.

2. Showcase the beauty of solitary flowers

While cut flowers are beautiful and add so much color to everyday life, they're not always cheap. A display of just one or two cut flowers may look forlorn, but with PLANT'S JEWEL, even a single flower can be held securely to create an eye-catching display.
For larger displays, a PLANT'S JEWEL with multiple openings can fix each stem in place.

3. Anti-bacterial property that keeps water clean

Cut flowers can wilt very quickly if the water they stand in isn't changed. Even though the flowers have been cut and arranged, they will still take in water and are damaged by the bacteria that breed in it. If certain bacteria enter the cut stems, the flowers may be unable to draw water smoothly. That's why PLANT'S JEWEL utilizes an advanced antibacterial coating to keep flowers fresh.
Developed by Kobe Steel, Ltd., KENIFINE is a high-performance antibacterial electroplating technology that is 10 times more effective at controlling microorganism growth than conventional anti-microbial products. Simply putting it in a vase limits the growth of bacteria, keeping the water clean, which in turn helps flowers absorb water more easily.
Kobe Steel began studying materials with antibacterial properties after a mass outbreak of food poisoning in the Osaka region in 1996, and developed KENIFINE® in 2001. Now this life-saving technology is being put to work protecting your cut flowers and plants.

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Mirror Ball (Handmade)

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