Featuring unique materials and technologies excavated from across the country on this site, we are crowdsourcing designs of products that make use of them.

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2019年度全国卒業修了制作 合同オンライン卒展&商品化コンペ

  • Other Products Deadline : Mar 31,2020
  • 新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大の影響で、全国の美術/デザイン系学校の卒業修了制作展示(通称「卒展」)が続々と中止となりました。 学生生活の集大成となる卒制の発表機会を失ってしまった学生のみなさんのために、合同オンライン卒展&商品化コンペを緊急開催します! これから社会へ羽ばたく学生のみなさんへ、TRINUSからのエールになることを信じて。

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Invisible? Stealth Printing Technology

  • Other Products Deadline : Nov 25,2019
  • Stealth Printing (IR Printing) Technology is used for producing certificates, confidential documents, and for preventing the printing of counterfeit bills. Though not visible under natural light, this specialised printing technology allows materials to be printed which can only be seen under an Infra-Red (IR) reader. RICOH has developed a compact printer and toner capable of printing using Stealth Printing Technology, making it easier than ever before to print IR materials. By using this printer in a variety of situations, we expect that new value can be brought to this technology.
RICOH, Co., Ltd. RICOH, Co., Ltd.

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A Thing That Helps with Both Hay Fever and Dieting?! The Power of "Hops" Can Be Used Not Just in Beers!

  • Other Products Deadline : May 07,2019
  • "Hops" greatly influence the taste and fragrance of the beer. The "hop water extract" extracted the hop out of water has an amazing hidden effect! 1) Antiallergic effect, 2) Anti-influenza virus effect, 3) Mouth cooling effect, 4) Adipocyte differentiation suppression function No matter which effect it is, they are all interesting effects that are closely related to our life.
Sapporo Holdings, Ltd. Sapporo Holdings, Ltd.

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Communication & Charging Made Possible by Simply Holding the Cellular Phone!? 《Slim, Thin, Bendable》Next Generation NFC "Spiral Antenna" Technology by RICOH Co., Ltd.

  • Other Products Deadline : Jan 31,2019
  • NFC technology (Near Field Communication) is used in many situations, such as payment of mobile wallet and electronic money. Conventionally, the parts of "NFC antenna" required for this communication had limitations in the range of introduction due to size reasons. Therefore, RICOH developed "RICOH Spiral Antenna" with the characteristic of being delicate, thin, and able to bend. The change has made previously difficult ideas possible. What's better, the technology can be utilized for wireless charge not only communication, it may be able to reduce the charging stress of various items.
RICOH, Co., Ltd. RICOH, Co., Ltd.

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Even though it is rinsed off by the water, the ingredients remain on the skin. Component adsorption technology.

  • Other Products Deadline : Dec 10,2018
  • There are many body soaps that boast moisturizing ingredients in the world, but do you know that moisturizing ingredients are washed away after you rinse? To solve this problem, in these three years, LION has developed a new technology to keep the ingredients on your skin: Absorption moisturizing technology "hadakara.” They are not merely moisturizing ingredients, but this technology can be combined by adding fragrances, bactericidal ingredients, anti-inflammatory ingredients, with various other effects. We are looking for new concept/design utilizing this technology.
LION, Inc. LION, Inc.

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Water attached to your skin? Adhesive technology that is hard to peel off and not noticeable

  • Other Products Deadline : Dec 10,2018
  • A highly adhesive thin pad technology that can solidify moisture and paste it on your skin. The moisture level is 85%, almost as same as water! LION’s “Kyusoku Jikan” is the example of product born using utilizing this technology. The pad can be re-designed for other purpose, or in combination with other ingredients, and many others! We are recruiting new product concepts and design utilizing this technology.
LION, Inc. LION, Inc.

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Tasty and smooth. Morinaga’s baking technology

  • Other Products Deadline : Feb 14,2018
  • Morinaga’s baked chocolate,“BAKE” has 14 years history on sale. With the licensed technology unique to Morinaga, “BAKE” manages to have contradictory textures between crispy surface and creamy chocolate inside. As a chocolate that doesn’t melt even in summer, it is also a pioneer of a new market in chocolate industry. To utilize the Morinaga’s technology, we’d like you to offer a concept design for a new product that never exists.

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Food material not melted for 1 hour+

  • Other Products Deadline : Feb 14,2018
  • Do you know Low Solubility Amorphous material (known as LSA)? It sounds difficult but simply refers to food material that doesn’t melt easily and you can lick more than an hour. We’d like to have a completely new product concept design to apply LSA technology that Morinaga has spent years to invent.

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“Photonic Rubber” Nanotechnical material changes color when deformed

  • Other Products Deadline : May 31,2017
  • It is a high-tech material embedded in a colorless transparent rubber, called "photonic crystal", resonating with light "periodic array of nanoparticles". When it is deformed by pulling or compressing, the particle spacing changes at the nonlevel, and the color changes by shifting the wavelength of reflected light. We are looking for new product design that utilizes this unique material created by National Institute for Materials Science.
SoftPhotoniX / Tsukuba, Ibaraki SoftPhotoniX / Tsukuba, Ibaraki

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Piano coating technology sealing objects

  • Woodwork Products Deadline : Mar 15,2017
  • PIAX has been specializing in surface coating for a long time in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. New processing technology sealing various objects has been created while overseas transfer of piano production has decreased piano coating business. By coating complex solid objects such as leaf and cast-off skin, this handicraft coating enables us to paint and solidify them. We are seeking brand new product designs utilizing this unique technology with full of surprise.

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Metal Embossing technology using a 3D-Printed Resin Press

  • Metal Products Deadline : Jan 31,2016
  • Applying pressure to warp metals into the shape of a mold. It's common to use a metallic die for this kind of work, but SWANY and Nakatsuji Kanagata Kogyo (Ltd.) have created a 3D resin printed metal press. With this technology, not only will production costs and time decrease, but thanks to a greater level of detail, a more intricate textured die offers the possibility of more complex molded forms.

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New material for Japanese lacquer craftwork

  • Woodwork Products Deadline : Oct 31,2015
  • Did you know ‘Japanese lacquer’ was once called ‘japan’ in English? In much the same way as China has remained synonymous with ceramics, so Japan was for her lacquerware. It is the material which represents Japan, the history of which is said to reach back ten thousand years. Japanese lacquer is called a ‘live material’ in that the more you use it, the more it shines, but it has some several serious weak points, such that it is sensitive to dryness and heat. Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute and j's corporation have worked together to deal with this issue, creating a new material which overcomes these weak points, which it markets as ‘New Japan!‘. Now that Tokyo Olympics 2020 is around the corner, we should create a product that represents Japan’s next-generation.
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute / j's corporation Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute / j's corporation

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An "Antibacterial plating” 10x more effective than conventional coatings.

  • Metal Products Deadline : May 31,2015
  • KENIFINE™ is a nickel alloy material with characteristics such as antibacterial, antiviral, fungal resistance and algae control. A plating process industrial manufacturer "Sanko Manufacturing Corporation", which has a 60+ year history in Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture, has obtained a licence for this technology, which was originally developed by Kobe Steel,Ltd. Please propose product designs with new additional values which did not exist before, such as interior, kitchen, stationary, bath/toilet/washing room and pet products.
Sanko Manufacturing Corporation / Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Sanko Manufacturing Corporation / Hamamatsu, Shizuoka

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Mold-less embossing tool, ‘Delitte’

  • Textiles and Leather Products Deadline : Feb 28,2015
  • The patterns and prints which have been made using molding tools in the past can now be made using an entirely new process which does not require any molding tools to transcribe patterns. Not only photos and sketches, but tangible materials like leaves or lace curtains can be transcribed, opening an entirely new avenue into narrative through clothing.
Ohyong Co., Ltd, / Kobe, Hyogo Ohyong Co., Ltd, / Kobe, Hyogo

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Solid wood which doesn't warp by being assembled in shape waves

  • Woodwork Products Deadline : Jan 31,2015
  • The town of Tsukechi-cho, Gifu is renowned for its history of woodworking, not least because of the abundance of the renowned Kiso-hinoki cypress tree there. One particular woodworking plant here has developed a processing technique that allows wood to be cut into wave patterns without the wood warping as it does using older techniques.
Naiki carpentry / Nakatsugawa, Gifu Naiki carpentry / Nakatsugawa, Gifu

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The new eco-friendly and sustainable substitute for plastic, MAPKA

  • Plastic Products Deadline : Jan 18,2015
  • MAPKA is a new and innovative substitute for plastic. Produced mainly from recycled paper, MAPKA is much more eco-friendly than conventional plastics, but can still be used in traditional plastic moulds. MAPKA is: • Recycled from waste paper traditionally discarded as commercial waste • Manufactured without petroleum products using a unique dry paper grinding technology • Can be disposed of as combustible material • When incinerated, approximately 28% less CO2 is released than with conventional plastics, and does not produce any harmful gases or dioxins.
Eco Research Institute Ltd. / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Eco Research Institute Ltd. / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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Technology which transforms magnesium alloy bars and tubes

  • Metal Products Deadline : Jan 18,2015
  • Working with magnesium is generally regarded to be a difficult process. MACRW Co. Ltd. has challenged this conventional opinion, and has developed their own technology which allows magnesium alloy bars and tubes to be worked into almost any shape and length. We are looking for product designs which use this technology to transform magnesium alloy bars and tubes into household objects.
MACRW Co. Ltd / Fujinomiya, Shizuoka MACRW Co. Ltd / Fujinomiya, Shizuoka

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