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An "Antibacterial plating” 10x more effective than conventional coatings.

KENIFINE™ is a nickel alloy material with characteristics such as antibacterial, antiviral, fungal resistance and algae control. A plating process industrial manufacturer "Sanko Manufacturing Corporation", which has a 60+ year history in Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture, has obtained a licence for this technology, which was originally developed by Kobe Steel,Ltd. Please propose product designs with new additional values which did not exist before, such as interior, kitchen, stationary, bath/toilet/washing room and pet products.

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May 31,2015 Deadline
  • 募集開始 Mar 07,2015
  • 募集終了 May 31,2015
  • 結果発表 Aug 31,2015

The history of Sanko Manufacturing Corporation

Sanko Manufacturing Corporation has been running a plating process business more than 60 years. The founder moved to Hamamatsu after the war, started the business of polishing metal parts and plating.

The processing business has been widened by improving the quality of plating and productivity, but has also faced a range of challenges.

Now in its third generation, Sanko Manufacturing Corporation has taken up an important role in Japanese manufacturing, notably the plating of motorcycles, bikes, semiconductors and medical equipment.

A specialised approach to the plating process

" Plating is a greatly systematic field, go so far to say, anyone can do it with a text book. "

A little surprisingly, Shinji Yamagishi, the managing director of Sanko Manufacturing Corporation, says. However, of course professional skill is necessary for high-quality plating, necessary to avoid defects and peeling both in mass production, and novel and special surface processing.

Since Japan’s Industrialisation Era, a tradesman’s skill and factory know-how have been considered to be so important that it is said that the quality of the plating process depends on the years of experience. Although most such processes are automated at present, those dependent on individual skill will never be done away with. At Sanko Manufacturing Corporation, employees began taking the plating technician test, a national test, and participating in the national plating technique contest, while continuously polishing the skills. At present, Sanko Manufacturing Corporation boasts holders of the special grade, the highest certification issued in the plating technician test.

In addition, Sank-Seisaku has undertaken research on issues surrounding state-of-the-art surface treatment technologies to investigate the handling of special chemicals, to control various parameters in each process for maintaining uniform quality in Japan where temperatures and humidity rise and fall kaleidoscopically throughout the year, to optimize their production lines, and to respond to customers' particular needs.
Their work features not only the usual zinc and nickel-chrome, but also specialised processing such as ‘cryo-black-chrome processing’. Having been seeking new processing techniques to develop their surface treatments, Sanko Manufacturing Corporation happened upon Kobe Steel’s KENIFINE™.

Antibacterial plating “KENIFINE™”

KENIFINE™ is a clean and safe plating technology, which has a powerful antimicrobial effect, inhibiting bacterial growth, but also effective against various viruses and fungi. Sanko Manufacturing Corporation utilizes this technology, a registered trademark of Kobe Steel, Ltd., under license.

◆Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antialgal effects: More than 10x as effective as conventional technology in preventing bacterial growth. The effect is almost instant, long-lasting, and is also effective in the dark.
◆Highly Durable: Tougher and more damage-resistant than antibacterial-coated or antibacterial alumite products on the market, resulting in greater product lifespans.
◆High Safety: We are confident of its safety, having submitted it for various safety test by the SIAA. (Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles), KENIFINE™ having passed all these without issue.
◆Retains workability, weldability: KENIFINE™ products can be processed and welded even after antimicrobial plating has been applied without loss of antimicrobial effect.

As target materials, in addition to stainless steel, aluminium, copper alloy and other metal products, KENIFINE™ can be used to provide antimicrobial properties to ABS resin products.

Due to the combination of extensive research and development by a major enterprise with many excellent engineers, and the processing technology of a minor enterprise which has worked on processing for many years, the system to actualize KENIFINE™ products is at last ready - the final thing needed is the power of design with which to make this a reality.

Plated Product Finishes

KENIFINE™ offers roughly four different finishes for the products that feature it:
1. Silvery-white with lustre
2. Silvery-white with lustre (shot blasted)
3. Black chromium specifications
4. Gold specifications
In addition to iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper alloy and other metal products, ABS resin products are also applicable to this plating process.

Company Profile: Sanko Manufacturing Corporation

There is a lot of demand for surface finishing in various business fields. We are going to add additional value and pursue new possibilities, new surface finishing processes and new surface finishing properties. (Executive director, Shinji Yamagishi.)

Establishment: 1953
Location: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Representative: Managing director, Yoichi Yamagishi
Executive director, Shinji Yamagishi
Payroll number: 44
Description of business: Various surface finishing processes


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    スパムとして報告する TRINUS 金魚の水槽でも抗菌・防藻効果は期待できますが、金魚に対する影響は現時点では検証できておりません。
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    some design
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