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Mold-less embossing tool, ‘Delitte’

The patterns and prints which have been made using molding tools in the past can now be made using an entirely new process which does not require any molding tools to transcribe patterns. Not only photos and sketches, but tangible materials like leaves or lace curtains can be transcribed, opening an entirely new avenue into narrative through clothing.

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Feb 28,2015 Deadline
  • 募集開始 Dec 10,2014
  • 募集終了 Feb 28,2015
  • 結果発表 May 11,2015

One failure makes you notice new technology

Led by President and Representative Director Kuremoto, Ohyong Co., Ltd, based in Kobe, was established 37 years ago, and has consistently engaged in the manufacture of chemical products.

A key challenge they faced at the time was clients’ repeated requests to stick together two sheets of synthetic leather. No matter how hard they tried, there was no adhesive effective enough. Through repeated trial and error, they observed that the pattern of one of the materials had slightly transferred to the other material.

Generally, in order to carry out the embossing process for fabric or leather (imprinting characters or patterns), a large-sized metal mold is required, and that mold costs in the order of several million yen. Instead of metal molds, if a technology directly imprinting various materials can be realized, it would likely prove ground-breaking.

Therefore, as we carry out manufacturing activities in the industry, we carry out trial and error on a daily basis, finding out whether we can imprint patterns of actual materials. For example, whether we can transfer lace curtain patterns or patterns from cutouts made with heavy paper.

Immersed in new technology research, towards success

On the other hand, having gone against the flow towards imports from overseas chemical manufacture across the industry, President Kuremoto, turning 60, decided to close the company that he had been engaged in for 37 years. However, without ending the desire to develop new technology, he newly established a company dedicated to carrying out technology development, and his second career immersed in research thus started.

Overcoming countless failures, President Kuremoto made a gamble at the stage when he actually felt that he had established the technology to a certain extent. In addition to subsidies from the prefecture and municipality, he sunk his pension into the project, and brought in large-scale specialized equipment. Since this technology can’t be found anywhere else in the world, they were all custom made from the design-stage onwards. This one-of-kind equipment was achieved by extensive collaboration with equipment manufacturers.

However, it doesn't mean that anyone can achieve anything just by having the equipment. In this industry, what is the most important is providing consistent processing that is uniform and moreover high quality. Due to the differences between materials, temperature, humidity and other factors, the result of the processing varies. When supplying major brands, delivering something that is different from the one before is unacceptable. Establishing the terms and conditions for that situation that happens occasionally, and is oft due to an artisan's business sense, backed by long years of experience in their industry.

President Kuremoto said, "When I closed my previous company, I experienced the pain of having to tell my employees. Right now, I would like to cherish our bond so I didn't think of making an impossibly large company. What I aim for is to leave behind the name the technology that is Delitte. Even if we are small, we aim for technology that is one-of-a-kind."

What Delitte can do for you

Please propose project designs that makes the most of this processing technology that comes from inquiries from major brands.

The processable materials are leather, synthetic leather, chemical fibers (natural fibers such as wool and cotton cannot be used), pvc, paper etc.

The patterns that can be applied to the materials can be things that actually exist such as leaves or feathers, or can be drawn designs or images.
We ask you do not only submit a pattern to be made from the materials, but that you also propose a general design for a fully-functional product.

Below, we introduce to you examples of Delitte processing and products that make use of Delitte processing.

Company Profile: Ohyong Co,Ltd.

Established: 2009
Address: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
CEO: Isamu Kuremoto
Number of employees: 4
Business description: Processing, sale and import / export of synthetic leather, vinyl and leather goods.


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  • 中野圭
    スパムとして報告する 中野圭 小ロット多品種のローコスト生産の他に、
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS どうもありがとうございます。より繊細にエンボスを表現できる点は、金型による加工を上回るものだと認識しております。また、実際に存在するもの(カーテンや葉っぱ等)をそのまま転写できるのも大きな特徴です。
  • kurumi
    スパムとして報告する kurumi 基本的には、ある程度の数を同じデザイン(柄)で作った安くなるはずですが、金型なしってことが売りならば、オーダーメイドの(柄)ほうが、有利性があって、今回のコンペにアイデアにふさわしいってことでしょうか!どっちもできそうですよね!
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS おっしゃるようにどちらも可能だと思いますが、オーダーメイドものについては、直接個人との間で受注~生産~発送までのオペレーションを構築する必要があるため、量産品と比較すると少し実現のハードルが高いものと考えております。ただ、どちらでもご提案は頂けます。
  • kurumi
    スパムとして報告する kurumi 片手で持てる!布を丸めるみたいで、別に軽いから片手って意味でいいですよね!常識範囲ってことですが!
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS あまり厳密にはサイズは定めておりませんが、おっしゃる内容で常識範囲でしたら問題ございません。
  • Common user icon default thumb 72x72
    スパムとして報告する シリコーンゴムシートへの転写は可能でしょうか?また、凸凹の段差は、転写基材の厚みとイコール程度でしょうか?
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS シリコンゴムシートはかなり弾力があるため難しいようです。段差についてはおっしゃる通りです。
  • MO
    スパムとして報告する MO エンボスのように、ホログラムの表現はできますか?
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS 確認いたしますので少々お待ちください。
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS ホログラムのシールに凹凸の加工をすることは可能です。ただ、反射がどのように変化するかはやってみないとわからないようです。

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