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A Thing That Helps with Both Hay Fever and Dieting?! The Power of "Hops" Can Be Used Not Just in Beers!

"Hops" greatly influence the taste and fragrance of the beer. The "hop water extract" extracted the hop out of water has an amazing hidden effect!
1) Antiallergic effect, 2) Anti-influenza virus effect, 3) Mouth cooling effect, 4) Adipocyte differentiation suppression function

No matter which effect it is, they are all interesting effects that are closely related to our life.

240 design
May 07,2019 Deadline
  • 募集開始 Feb 01,2019
  • 募集終了 May 07,2019
  • 結果発表 Jun 25,2019

Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, known for ocean fishery and fishery processing industry.

This is where Sapporo Holdings' "Frontier Laboratories for Value Creation" and Sapporo Beer's "Research and Development Institute for Alcoholic Beverages" are located. Various research and development projects are being done day by day.

"Hops," the flower of the hop plant, is a plant of the Cannabaceae family. As a vital part of the brewing of the beer, it is one of the themes that have been studied by Sapporo's institutes for many years.

Hops are known to contain various ingredients of different functionality. For example, "resin component" improves beer foam retention, "essential oil component" gives a unique scent to beer, "polyphenol" seems to give beer a thick taste. Relaxation effect is also one of the well-known effects.


Furthermore, it has become clear that the "hop water extract" extracted from hops water has a surprising effect according to the long-time research done by the Sapporo Group.

1) Anti-Allergic Effect

Many people have trouble with allergic diseases such as hay fever and bronchial asthma.

It reacts with allergens (pollen, proteins derived from mites), which is the causative substance of allergy, and releases substances such as "histamine", causing inflammation in the surroundings.

The "hop water extract" has an effect of suppressing release of this "histamine", and it can be expected to soothe hay fever, bronchial asthma and food allergy.

2) Anti-Influenza Virus Effect

Outrageous influenza that threatens to rage across the country every year is infected by influenza virus adsorbing to our body cells.

"Hop water extract" is expected to block influenza virus cell adsorption and inhibit virus infection.

3) Mouth Cooling Effect

Furthermore, "hop water extract" has been found to have the effect of washing away oil in the mouth.

It is a perfect effect to respond to the needs of people thinking that "I want to taste the next bite after clearing the inside of the mouth" after a greasy meal!

4) Adipocyte Differentiation Suppression Function

Obesity occurs when adipocytes differentiate, then become hypertrophic, and then proliferate.

The fact that "hop water extract" extracted from the hops water has suppression effect on adipocyte differentiation is greatly accepted.

What's Even Better, the Safe Ingredient Derived from Plant

There are many medicines with the functions listed above, but they are mainly used as "treatments" for very serious symptoms.

As for the "hop water extract" which is our offering technology of this time, it is a raw material derived from natural origin, so it is possible to develop into various daily goods categories such as drinks, supplements, foods and other miscellaneous goods. For example, "a new functional product that exerts its effect by continuous taking" might be a great idea!

Everyone in the Sapporo Group is also very looking forward to your creative ideas that will be posted.

This time, using this "hop water extract", from "product concept" of "what kind of customers", what kind of needs  to "how to satisfy",  and "product design" such as shape, color and package, etc. We are looking for a wide range of product planning proposals! 

About the Call for Entry

*If the design work is difficult, suggestions of a "product concept" are also acceptable.

■ Process until Commercialization

Application deadline for product concept / design is May 7, 2019, Tuesday. After that, we will inform you of the selection result by the end of June.


※We ask for your understanding that although we believe all cocepts are very good ones, you might be asked to brush up your design when a little improvement is needed.


If you have any other questions, please log in and leave a comment freely.


We are waiting for your participation from the bottom of our heart!

Questions received from the attendants at the briefing session held on March 4 have been answered by Sapporo Holdings as below. Please definitely take these into consideration with your design!

Q1:Is it better to design something that's for human to use?

A:Because it is a stage of possibility, it is not necessary to narrow down your ideas.


Q2:Do you decide on the category of commercialization by whether the design is easy to produce or not? How do you think about the segmentation of the target customers?

A:The business domain of Sapporo Holdings Ltd. now contains "alcohol, food, and drink", of course if you construct your design within the domain, the commercialization might be easier. However, this time we would like to collect various interesting ideas from designers instead of narrowing down to that. There are no restrictions such as BtoB and toC.


Q3:Although it is said that it has an effect of suppressing allergic reactions, is it also compatible with house dust and children's allergies in addition to pollen?

A:The effects on allergic reactions besides pollen have not been confirmed yet.


Q4:Can you feel a refreshing feeling on your skin, for example by applying hop to lotion for symptoms such as itching of the skin by pollen, itching eyes, etc?

A:The effect when applied to the skin is not confirmed.


Q5:Is hops water extract technology unique to Sapporo Holdings Ltd.?

A:Sapporo Holdings Ltd. has not patented the extraction technology, but have patented the four functions.


Q6:Is it possible to combine hop with patents such as lactobacillus that Sapporo possesses?

A:Although it is possible to combine the 2 technologies for product development, but this may not be easy to propose in our organization.


Q7:Is it possible to specify a certain flavor of it?

A:It is possible to change the taste by adding a flavor.


Q8:After extraction, at which temperature will it be effective?

A:Below 20 degrees Celsius.


Q9:Does the efficacy disappear as the temperature at extraction rises?

A:As for the effect on allergy, it has been confirmed that the effect decreases as the extraction temperature rises.


Q10:After extraction, does it become useless if not combined with water? For example, milk?

A:The effect of those extracted with solvents other than water has not been confirmed. However, it is possible to mix water extract with milk, etc.


Q11:How much to consume / does it cost to soothe the hay fever symptoms?

A:In terms of cost, please think that it can be commercialized as drinking waters. In addition, we confirmed that we relieved symptom of hay fever, but did not confirm about complete cure.


Q12:Will the effect change depending on the type of hop?

A:The effect varies depending on the type of hop.
There are two types of hop water extract, liquid and powder.


Q13:How is the firing method done? Is the extracted material liquid?

A:Powdering is performed by spray drying, but there is no particular specification on the method of powdering.


Q14:For development, do you recommend to use in beverages or as powders? Powders are better?

A:Either is OK.


Q15:What is the taste of hop water extract?

A:The composition of the taste is mainly bitter and the aroma has a citrus aroma.


Sapporo and TRINUS will jointly commercialize and sell the product and pay the following fee.

  • At the stage when it was adopted as the basic concept prize money 200,000 Yen
  • With participation in the subsequent development project another 200,000 Yen
  • After going through test sale and shifting to general sales, you will be paid the sales royalties (max. 0.5%)


  • It is possible that more than one work may be adopted.
  • Maximum royalty is 3 million yen per year, up to 5 years (15 million yen).
  • If all posted product concepts and designs are adopted as they are, sales royalty will be judged to the maximum value (0.5%), if partial adoption will be judged the contribution degree and the reasonable ratio will be set.
  • Sales royalty is calculated by multiplying the manufacturer's wholesale price. We can not promise the amount because it will be payment according to the sales amount.
  • Even if adopted in this competition, we will not promise to be distributed nationwide afterwards.
How to Apply
  • Please log in and post all proposals onto TRINUS official website in images files (JPG, PNG or GIF format).
  • Proposal plan can be posted freely combining project plan, idea plan, idea sketch, rendering CG, drawing, photographs of actual prototypes produced. The total number of contributions is 6 files in total.
Evaluation Criteria
  • Receives many “Want It!” clicks and positive feedback from our web users
  • Has received a lot of favorable opinions from the buyers of our network
  • In accordance with the application guidelines and possible to be manufactured
  • Is not overly complex and can be manufactured and sold at a competitive/realistic price.

※ Attention: Please refer to terms and conditions as stated on our website.



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    スパムとして報告する 6月下旬を目処に選考結果を発表との事ですが、選考された方には直接知らせが届いているのでしょうか?
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS ご返信が遅くなりまして大変失礼いたしました。
  • akshata murdeshwar
    akshata murdeshwar
    スパムとして報告する akshata murdeshwar Hello, by when can we hope to hear from Sapporo regarding the final decisions?
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS Thank you for your comment. We are continuing to consider. Please wait a moment for the final decision.
  • inc
    スパムとして報告する inc make variable filters for backside air circulators with this. i'll buy it
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS Thank you for the nice idea!
  • mirnovm
    スパムとして報告する mirnovm Could I submit my project if I'm not a Japanese and work in Europe, but I cooperate with a Japanese company and perhaps will go to work in Japan?
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS Thank you for your comment. Of course, you can submit your project. Please be noted that the deadline is 【May 7, 2019 】in Japan standard time. We look forward to seeing your lovely idea!
    スパムとして報告する mirnovm Thank you.
    スパムとして報告する STUDIO ECHO After Submission, anything else we should do for better exposure?
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS Thank you for your comment.
    We will start to judge after May 7 (official deadline) in Japan time, so that we may ask you some questions about the application if any. Looking forward to having your lovely idea! Thank you!

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