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Water attached to your skin? Adhesive technology that is hard to peel off and not noticeable

A highly adhesive thin pad technology that can solidify moisture and paste it on your skin. The moisture level is 85%, almost as same as water! LION’s “Kyusoku Jikan” is the example of product born using utilizing this technology. The pad can be re-designed for other purpose, or in combination with other ingredients, and many others! We are recruiting new product concepts and design utilizing this technology.

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Dec 10,2018 Deadline
  • 募集開始 Oct 11,2018
  • 募集終了 Dec 10,2018
  • 結果発表 Feb 20,2019

By simply stick the patch onto the skin, body problems such as shoulder pain, heavy legs, and fever can be relieved. LION has brilliantly utilized this technology and developed popular products such as "Halix 55" as a remedy sheet for stiff shoulders, "Kyusoku Jikan" Cooling Gel Sheets for Legs" for refreshing tired feet, and "Cool Pita" for fever relief.

This time, we are looking for a new product concept / design that makes use of this water patch technology. Let's get to know the advantages of LION’s sticking water technology.

PAC-55, High Moisture Contained and High Adhesion

The patch is composed of two layers, a support layer exposed to the surface and a substrate containing ingredients. The base material developed by LION is called PAC - 55, which is characterized by an 85% higher moisture content than other companies. As a result, higher cooling effect than normal, absorption promotion of ingredients, moisturizing effect can be realized.


On the other hand, it also has high adhesive strength, it has characteristics such as being difficult to peel off in everyday use and being able to paste again.


A Thin, Transparent Support

Good is not enough, LION aims for the best. In addition, a variety of new ideas are put into the development. For example, "Halix ID Transparent Pad" is born with this “thin and transparent” supportive material, which is inconspicuous when pasting.

Besides, by attaching protrusions to the pad, we realized "Kyusoku Jikan Cooling Spot Gel Sheets" which can simultaneously obtain cooling effect as well as pressing the pain point. On the other hand, in cases where high strength is unnecessary, it is totally possible to develop a product without a support to obtain a higher cooling effect with less pressing stress.

In order to solve all kinds of problems, LION’s researchers are trying their best to contribute every creative idea to achieve product development with various uses.

It’s Even OK to Stick It Into the Mouth?

This technology has been demonstrated various effects by pasting on the skin so far, but it is also possible to paste on the mucosa inside the mouth! By doing so, you can expect two aspects of direct action on the mucosa and the effect of mucosal absorption.

For direct actions, for example, in the mouth, agents for mouth sores, gingivitis, alveolar pyorrhea can be relieved with usage of this material. Other effects are also possible by using it with the mucosa of other parts (nose, anus, vagina etc.).

Mucosal absorption is faster, and longer effect can be expected compared with ordinary tablets.

Possibility of the Application of the Technology

As mentioned above, there are still many possibilities that we can create patches with various functions besides the cooling sheets. It may be possible to develop not only functional suggestions but also emotional products that cater to people’s needs. As part of the proposal, we suggest you design according to below 3 aspects.


1. Combination between Effects and Shapes

In addition to being able to blend in various active ingredients, by changing the sheet specification, a different proposal might be born.


2. Solutions to the Unwell Conditions of the Body

If you can solve the problem of unwell conditions of the body in everyday life, you may be able to establish a new product norm that’s never existed.


3. Change to a Total New Product

Or you can think of a total new product that does not belong to the pasting technology norm. Thinking out of the box and a brand-new product might be born. Different point of views for product development is absolutely welcome. We look forward to your proposals based on your own particular perspectives.

Recruitment of Product Concept / Design

What we are recruiting for this time is A COMPLETE PROPOSAL that includes product concepts including "the target customers", "what kind of needs" and "how to satisfy them" and even the design of product shapes, colors and packages. However, if the design is difficult, suggestions can be made only with the product concept part. Please be careful when posting the work so that you can take the following notes into consideration.


About the Package

The goal of this initiative is to create hit products distributed all over the retail stores nationwide in Japan. It is still better if the package could show some newness, but be careful with the cost at the same time.


Process Prior to Commercialization

The deadline for product concept and design recruitment is December 10th. We will position a certain period as a brush-up period from the end of the recruitment period. For those who are promising in posted works but have problems with feasibility, we may comment from here and ask you to do some brush up. Based on that, we will decide which design to be adopted and shift to product development phase.


In addition, if you have any questions please write in the chat field. We look forward to your participation everyone!

Questions received from the attendants at the briefing session held on October 16, October 25, and November 18 have been answered by Lion Corporation as below. Please definitely take these into consideration with your design!

Q1: Is there a place you cannot attach to? For example, is it ok to attach the pad to the face?

A: Basically, it is possible to paste on the body other than the eyes. Even in places with hair and whiskers, you can control adhesive strength.


Q2: Are you not developing any allergic products?

A: Although we have not developed yet. it is technically possible we get ideas from you.


Q3: What kind of specific transparent film material do you use for the support?

A: For materials, we will refrain from answering.


Q4: Does oral cavity patch are completely tasteless odorless? Can I add taste and smell?

A: Both are possible. Odorless may be a bit difficult, but tasteless is possible. Anything is possible if the taste can be basically put in the mouth.


Q5: Is this product development limited to the human body?

A: It is all right outside the human body

Proof stress of 165 N / mm 2 or more (typical value)

Elongation 14% or more (typical value)


Q6: Why cannot I take a drink while holding an oral cavity patch?

A: It is easy to peel off when you drink drinks or when mouth is moistened, but you can keep it from peeling for 30 minutes to 1 hour without drinking any liquid into your mouth.


Q7: On active ingredients. Do you have a judgment criterion of being able to do roughly, cannot do?

A: As long as it is an active ingredient contained in a poultice which is basically sold on the market, you can blend anything. It can also contain vitamins.


Q8: How fine can you set the cooling time of the cooling gel?

A: Since the cooling time is controlled by the amount of water, it is possible to shorten the time by reducing the amount of water. Technically, the amount of water can contain up to 85% and can be cooled down to 10 hours. Therefore, it can be set finely.


Q9: Are there thickness restrictions in manufacturing?

A: Although we believe that there are no thickness restrictions, we will manufacture it taking into account that it becomes easier to peel off by making it thicker.


Q10: Does Kyusoku Jikan Cooling Leg Gel Pad with protrusions generate a push effect when walking? Does the stimulus ingredient only exist in the protrusions?

A: Because it is a solid protrusion, it is a product that can get stimulation by just pasting. Even when you are sleeping you can get stimulation, so you can feel stimulation without walking. It is designed with a viewpoint that stimulates the acupuncture point of a foot with a protrusion.


Q11: Although it was said that a transparent sheet (support) became less conspicuous when made thinner, will thinning the thickness reduce the time and effectiveness?

A: The thinner the effect, the shorter the effect, but it does not mean that the effect disappears immediately, it is still possible to put a certain active ingredient.


Q12: Is there any possibility for an item to become ineffective, such as Hie-Pita Fever Relief Cooling Gel Patch, will it be hard to demonstrate the effect when the outside air temperature is over a certain degree?

A: The effect does not change with the outside air. Because it uses the heat of vaporization of water when it cools down, the effective time may become short if the outside air is high though.


Q13: Does the intraoral patch dissolve and disappear after 30 minutes to 1 hour pass?

A: It can melt and disappear.


Q14: How long the adhesiveness of the patch usually last?

A: Basically it will last for around 10 hours, it becomes easy to peel when the water runs out.


Q15: If the pad can adhere for 10 hours in dry environment, how about when used for oral cavity? Since the environment is wet, will the adhesiveness duration increase?

A: It is easier to peel off in a moist environment, such as intra-oral usage. The pad is assumed to be able to adhere around 30 minutes - 1 hour.


Q16: Regarding PAC-55, has the moisturizing effect been already used in beauty field?

A: There are products sold in the past. But currently, there is not.


Q17: What is the comfortability of the pad? Just like your own skin, is there any sense of adhesiveness?

A: Because it is thin, it is hard to feel after you put and wait for a while, It feels like becoming one with your skin.


Q18: Is it possible to change the color of the pad or print it?

A: It is possible. Even now, there are some products that are colored or printed, so it can be processed.


Q19: What is the specific image that is encouraged by the absorption of active ingredients? For example, is it possible to develop with medicine?

A: Basically, it is possible to put anything as long as it is an active ingredient sold on the market. Product development with medical ingredients is also possible.


Q20: Is it possible to re-adhere again and again?

A: Yes, you can. The number of times is about twice, but it depends on the condition of surface and environment.


Q21: Is it possible to develop technologies that can apply the pad automatically? Is it possible to develop products that can be applied exactly to the required part?

A: It is also possible to make gel-only pad (without the cloth part). The gel part can be torn by hand, so it can be in any size you like. For example, we think it is possible to take out the gel from the tube, apply with desired thickness and let it become hard. Moreover, we think it is technically quite difficult to apply on thin adhesive such as manicure.


Q22: Is it possible to prolong the cooling time and moisturizing effect by preventing the moisture evaporation? In that case, how long would the adhesiveness last?

A: By preventing evaporation of moisture, it is possible to lengthen cooling time and moisturizing effect. For one of our product, “heel gel sheet” it is possible to adhere it overnight. However, if it is used for a long time, the adhesive part will be soaked by your sweat and become easy to peel off.



LION and TRINUS will jointly commercialize, sell, and pay the following fee.

-        If it is adopted as the basic concept prize money: 200,000 Yen

-        Participation in following development project: 200,000 yen

-        If accepted to general sales after test sales, you will get sales royalty up to 0.5%


※    There are possibilities that multiple works may be adopted.

※    Maximum royalty is 3 million JPY per year, up to 5 years (15 million JPY).

※     Sales royalty will be the maximum value (0.5%) if all the product concepts and designs posted are adopted as they are. In the case of partial adoption, we will judge the degree of contribution and set the ratio.

※    Sales royalty is calculated by multiplying the manufacturer's wholesale price. We cannot promise the amount because it would be paid according to the sales amount.

※    Despite of being adopted in this competition, there is no guarantee to be distributed nationwide afterwards.


How to Apply

-        Submissions must be made via this website as image files (JPG, PNG or GIF). 

-        Submissions can be in the form of a descriptive proposal, product plan, illustration, graphic image, photo of a trial product or a combination of the above (maximum 6 files).


Evaluation Criteria

-        Receives many “Want It!” clicks and positive feedback from our web users 

-        Have received a lot of favorable opinions from buyers of our network

-        In accordance with the application guidelines and possible to be manufactured

-        Is not overly complex and can be manufactured and sold at a competitive/realistic price.

※      Please refer to terms and conditions as stated on our website.



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