Events Jun 01,2016

A contest to bring together the appeals of technology with contemporary design

TRINUS has launched the "Technology and Material Cinderella Plan" together with Nikkei Technology Online. The aim of this project is to connect designers gathering on the TRINUS platform with companies that read Nikkei Technology Online, many of which have unique technology and materials, in order to inspire new products and designs.

As the first stage of this project, we will hold a "First unique material and processing technology contest" from June 1st, 2016. Companies with materials and processing technologies they feel are unique may apply, from which a single winning technology will be selected . A design contest will then be held in the design community of TRINUS, using that technology. At the final stage, we aim to produce a product using the winning technology and design. The proceeds of this contest will be reported in the Nikkei Technology Online.

Companies with a unique material or processing technology, are invited to join this contest. For details, please refer to the application guidebook.

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