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2019 Japan Stationary Award Winner - HANA Flower Pencils

TRINUS, Inc. were awarded Best in Design with their ' HANA Flower Pencilsat this year's Japan Stationary Awards.

The line up of products entered into the awards can be viewed here

◆ What is the Japan Stationary Awards?

The Japan Stationary Awards judge the most innovative stationary products produced each year on the basis of functionality and design. Industry leading designers and journalists hold a jury to assess a range of stationary products on their functionality and design. From this, 5 products are chosen and a Grand Prix is held to determine the award winning products in a variety of categories.

◆ What is TRINUS

TRINUS establishes a community between the trinity of Japanese technology, designers and end users to add value to supply chains as a fabless manufacturer. TRINUS looks into innovative manufacturing technologies from around Japan and collaborates with over 4,000 designers to come up with unique concepts and designs. End users (members of the general public) provide feedback and vote on the concepts they wish to see finalized into products. TRINUS produces the most popular designs, carrying out prototype manufacture, branding, sales and marketing as a part of an 'open value chain'.

*Information on open value chains can be found here

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