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Flower Pencils HANA Now Available at SOUVENIR FROM TOKYO, the Museum Shop of the National Art Center Tokyo

We have started selling "Flower Pencils HANA" at the museum shop "SOUVENIR FROM TOKYO" at the basement floor and the first floor of the National Art Center, Tokyo.

Cherry blossoms will be in full bloom soon, you will love the eye-catching display featuring cherry blossom motifs here.



The old and the new, the star designer and the unknown artist, the elegant and the old-school-everything happens in one city, Tokyo. And the method to shape them into new surprises with overwhelming editing ability is the style unique to modern Tokyo. From the manga to the art book, from the art book to the work of a young designer, the museum shop “SOUVENIR FROM TOKYO” of the National Art Center, Tokyo offers new designs and arts from a Tokyo perspective, regardless of its popularity and genre.


◆Shop Information

106-8558 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 7 Chome−22−


The National Art Center, TokyoNACT



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