Q1: What is TRINUS?
A: TRINUS is a new collaborative maker. We seek out innovative and unique technologies in Japan, profile them on our website, inviting product plans and designs from designers that make the most of these technologies. Based on community feedback, TRINUS then works with the designers to bring the most popular designs to market, both inside and outside of Japan.
Q2: How much does TRINUS cost?
A: TRINUS is completely free to use. If you submit a design and it is then adopted by TRINUS, you have a chance to receive prize money and royalties from sales.
Q3: Please tell me the available recommended system requirement.
A: We recommend one of the computer environments listed below to provide the best experience when using our site

◆Windows, Linux, Mac OS◆
 Internet Explorer 9.0 or later
 Mozilla Firefox, most recent version
 Google Chrome, most recent version
 Safari 6 or later

 Default browser on android 4.0 or later

 Mobile Safari on iOS 5.0 or later