Take To Market

We are reporting the progress of commercialization of the work that we decided to adopt.
Please support commercialization through crowdfunding or cheering comments.
(Points can be accumulated by comments and can be used for shopping at "Shop".)

61 製品化プロジェクト記事


採用作品が決定しました! Jun 20,2019


【Online Exclusive】Pre-Order / Crowdfunding Starts Mar 25,2019


【Web Only】Reservation sale (Crowdfunding) will start! Jan 11,2019


Praising voices of "delicious!" from our users Dec 04,2018


Commercialization for Another Product Utilizing Morinaga’s BAKE Technology! Oct 27,2018


Cheezest will be available soon! Oct 26,2018


PLANETARIO will start sales in November 2018 Sep 20,2018


[Online exclusive] Crowd-Funding has started Aug 08,2018


TRINUS Flower Pencils HANA and Snow Pencils YUKI now available at Merci in Paris! Jul 26,2018


We will be adopting 2 applicants May 07,2018


Flower Pencil HANA Starts Sales at MoMA DESIGN STORE Apr 01,2018


Flower pencil appears in Afternoon Tea GIFT & LIVING! Jul 15,2017


"Botanical flea market in summer" held in Shibuya Jun 23,2017


Prototypes will be exhibited at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo Jun 01,2017


Flower pencil appears in DMO ARTS (Osaka) and Isetan Shinjuku! May 01,2017


We started selling flower pencils Apr 13,2017

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