• Soups from all over the world condensed into one cube! Tiny yet filling, "WORLD SOUP SNACK"!
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  • "I want to enjoy the world's delicious soup anytime, anywhere!" Born out of the patented "bake technology" of Morinaga & Co., Ltd., WORLD SOUP SNACK is a snack that is easy to enjoy while experiencing a smooth texture on the inside and crispy texture on the outside.
    As this was baked in the making, hands do not get dirty and the individual packaging makes storage at normal temperature OK, so you can eat casually whenever you feel like it. Take a small trip with WORLD SOUP SNACK when you feel a bit hungry. Please enjoy!

【Web Only】Reservation sale (Crowdfunding) will start!


There are many delicious soups in this world.

"I'd like to have a delicious soup with colorful cultures of various countries and regions reflected anywhere, anytime! "

The dream beyond common sense was realized by Morinaga's "bake technology!"

The limited sales for "WORLD SOUP SNACK"  is a new snack that allows you to taste the taste of soups all over the world in one cube and enjoy the foreign cultures at the same time.

We have prepared 3 kinds of soup.

  • Borscht (Russia)
  • Clam chowder (USA)
  • Gazpacho (Spain)

5 features of WORLD SOUP SNACK

  1. The taste of the world 's soup is condensed into a "cube". You can enjoy the taste of the soup anytime and anywhere.
  2. You will be able to taste a new kind of soup with crispy outer layer and creamy texture inside.
  3. You can enjoy 3 types of soups in the world. (Borscht, clam chowder, and Gazpacho)
  4. It can be stored at room temperature for long-term! Easy to eat when you want to eat without dirtying hands with its individual packaging.
  5. It is also highly recommended for refreshment snacks and to pair with alcohol.

What is Morinaga's Patented Technology "Baked Technology"?

"Baked technology" utilized in "WORLD SOUP SNACK" is a technology to efficiently heat the outermost surface by its own formulation and firing method, keeping the softness of the inside.

By utilizing this technology, we can realize new snacks by condensing it to one grain while reproducing the taste of soup firmly.

It also has the feature that hands are hard to get dirty because the surface is hard to melt.

About this web only sales for limited time

This time, the sale of WORLD SOUP SNACK is limited in quantity 【3 kinds in total for only 10,000 boxes】.

If we receive a lot of postive feedback from the customers, there is a possibility that it will be sold nationwide in the future! Thank you for your support!

To those who purchased, we will send you a questionnaire about product concepts and impressions after eating it. We will give you 300 yen worth of Amazon Gift Certificate (E - mail version) to everyone who responded. We appreciate your cooperation.

※ The questionnaire will be one-time limited.

Information on allergy / product (temporary)
  • Allergic substances included in raw materials (out of 27 items): egg, milk, soybean, chicken (temporary)
    ※We manufactured it with common equipment that may include wheat and walnut containing products.
  • Delivery is scheduled for April 2019.
  • Please be notified that some batches of the product may expire in July 2019.
  • The delivery destination is limited to domestic only.

Attention on the products
  • Because the inside is soft in texture, the shape may collapse due to impact.
  • The actual product color may slightly differ from the picture.
  • Product design may change slightly.
  • Regarding the usage of personal information
  • Our company (TRINUS, Inc.) will share personal information of customers who purchased this product with Morinaga & Co, Ltd.
  • Items shared: Name, email address, date of birth, gender
  • Scope of co-users: Morinaga & Co, Ltd.
  • Purpose of use: Implementation of questionnaires on products, information on products and services
  • Administrator responsible for shared use: TRINUS, Inc.

Product information
  • Product name: WORLD SOUP SNACK (ワールドスープスナック)
  • Taste: 3 flavors (borscht, gazpacho, and clam chowder)
  • Contents: 7 cubes per box
    ※ There might be more than 7 cubes.
  • Dimensions: top 89.4 Φ × height 76 mm
  • Shipping cost: Free
  • Region for sale: Japan only. Overseas delivery is not possible.
  • Prices:
    1 set (Borscht · Clam Chowder · Gazpacho one each) 1,260 yen
    3 sets (Borscht · Clam Chowder · Gazpacho 3 each) 3,500 yen
    5 sets (Borscht · Clam Chowder · Gazpacho 5 each) 5,600 yen
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  • スパムとして報告する TRINUS TRINUS 昨日、商品出荷を完了しました!
  • スパムとして報告する MA MA 原材料を教えてください。
    スパムとして報告する Keita Watanabe Keita Watanabe MA様>現在、クラウドファンディングをしながら品質も最終調整中でございまして、ご連絡が遅くなってしまいまして申し訳ございません。





    原材料に含まれるアレルギー物質(27品目中) 小麦・乳・大豆

  • スパムとして報告する n.k.shine7 n.k.shine7 ×2が欲しいのですが 可能ですか?
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS TRINUS お問い合わせありがとうございます。1セットを2つカートに追加していただければ2つご注文頂くことが可能です。
  • スパムとして報告する L S L S Amazing! Would like to share with my friends. Backed 5 sets. Cannot wait to try all the flavors!
    スパムとして報告する TRINUS TRINUS Thank you for your comment! We will try our best to deliver asap!
  • スパムとして報告する Norifumi Suzuki Norifumi Suzuki WORLD SOUP SNACKの5600円を申し込みました。楽しみすぎて待ちきれません。
    スパムとして報告する Keita Watanabe Keita Watanabe Suzuki 様>この度はご購入頂きまして誠にありがとうございます。森永製菓の渡辺でございます。お届け迄もうしばらくお待ち下さいませ。
Total amount of raised ¥638,540
Flexible goal ¥400,000
Backers 235
Remaining finished

Select rewards

WORLD SOUP SNACK (3 flavors x 1 Set)

Thumb 640x420 20190110211055
Taste: 3 flavors (borscht, gaspacho, and clam chowder)
Contents: 3 flavors x 1 Set (7 cubes per box)
Shipping cost: Free
Region for sale: Japan only. Overseas delivery is not possible.
Estimated April, 2019
JPY 1,260(tax excluded)

WORLD SOUP SNACK (3 flavors x 3 Set)

Thumb 640x420 20190110211155
Taste: 3 flavors (borscht, gaspacho, and clam chowder)
Contents: 3 flavors x 3 Set (7 cubes per box)
Shipping cost: Free
Region for sale: Japan only. Overseas delivery is not possible.
Estimated April, 2019
JPY 3,500(tax excluded)

WORLD SOUP SNACK (3 flavors x 5 Set)

Thumb 640x420 20190110211241
Taste: 3 flavors (borscht, gaspacho, and clam chowder)
Contents: 3 flavors x 5 Set (7 cubes per box)
Shipping cost: Free
Region for sale: Japan only. Overseas delivery is not possible.
Estimated April, 2019
JPY 5,600(tax excluded)

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