• New Food Product Utilizing Morinaga's "BAKE" Technology
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  • Morinaga's "BAKE" chocolate is celebrating its 14th anniversary. Produced using exclusive and patented technology of Morinaga, "BAKE" is crunchy and fragrant on the outside, yet creamy and flavorful on the inside. As a chocolate that doesn't melt even in the hot summertime, "BAKE" has become a pioneer in the chocolate industry. TRINUS has developed a brand new food product that has never been available with this exclusive technology.

Praising voices of "delicious!" from our users


Thank you for your patience! We were finally able to deliver the goods to everyone who supported and purchased during the the "Cheezest" pre-sale. We would like to share some of the opinions, impressions, an photos from our users with you right away! 


I should have bought more because I got totally addictive to this deliciousness! I would like to order some more right now ...! (Female in 20’s)


Perfect for snacks! This is going to be a popular item! (Female in 50's)


The size is just right with a single mouthful, the delicately crispy texture and rich flavor of cheese are so addictive. As a lover of the alcohol, I will spend my weekend with beer and this Cheezest!! (Male in 20’s)


I felt a double texture and it was very tasty. The packaging is very cute, so I’m also using it as accessories holder on the desk! (Female in 20’s)


Along with the lifting of Beaujolais Nouveau ban, we all enjoyed it! Cheese was also prepared for snacks, but people loved Cheezest more. LOL (Male in 30's)


I received today! And one box was finished immediately…

Looks like Cheezest will be finished 10 boxes at a time ...

I would like to pair it with some wine next time (* ☻ - ☻ *)


Thank you very much for all your delightful voice!


What kind of place or occasion are good for "Cheezest"?

We will introduce how and where you can enjoy "Cheezest," in different occasions!


▼ "Cheezest" at the bar

Enjoy Cheezest with sparkling wine! Cheezest’s simple packaging in beautiful silver tone matches the wine bottle nicely as well.

▼ "Cheezest" at the office

We recommend you to have Cheezest in the office all the time! Because it is not necessary to preserve it refrigerated, it’s perfect for office refreshments and you can change your mood easily with a bite of this delicious snack!

Please feel free to send us your comments, impressions and photos, please feel free to log in on TRINUS website and make comments on the platform! We welcome your tagging of "#Cheezest" hashtag on Instagram, too! We are happily waiting for your comments!

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